The Drop - Short Film

Director, editor, producer. (2018)

Endegena - Music Video

Director, editor (2016)

Make Out in the Bathroom - Music Video

Director, editor (2015)

Lazaretto (Cover) - Music Video

Editor (2014)

Silver Lining - Music Video

Editor (2014)

Splice The Mainbrace "Jazz Motherfuckers" Live in the Monk Hole Lining - Music Video

Director, Editor (2014)

Splice The Mainbrace "Small Town" - live in The Monk Hole - Music Video

Director, Editor (2014)

Splice Une Femme et son Jules - Short Film

Producer (2009) - Directed by Jean-Michel Brawand

Truth Being Said - Short Film

Producer, Editor, Actor (2001)

Swiss Army Chaplain Service

Actor (1995)