What is remote photography?

Simply put is a photo session where the photographer is in another location than the subject. The work of a photographer is partially about knowing how to use a professional camera, but most of a good picture is the result of composition, light, model direction, sensing the right moment and collaboration. All those aspects can be done remotely.


Photographers have experimented with a few different ways, mainly during the pandemic times. Most of them use screenshots during video calls. The way I do it is via an app that is installed on the subject's phone, all permissions managed by the user, and that allows me to access the phone's camera once the session is started by the subject. This way we get the highest quality given by the phone's camera. Once the session is over, the user closes the app, which stops the access, and can even remove it. I have all the images coming to my computer, and then it is like a normal photoshoot, selecting, editing and sharing the images.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage that came up during 2020-2021 was the ability to still do photography when people where not able to be physically near each others. However, what I have noticed is that it offers possibilities that are different than with a traditional shoot, such as:

a) the shoot can happen in a familiar and private environment for the subject, like a specific room in the house, where one might not always feel comfortable bringing someone in

b) the session can happen at anytime of the day, including very late

c) the session can be scheduled last minute since there is not much preparation time needed

d) the subject can work with her/his favorite photographer no matter where she/is in the world

e) the model feels more at ease since it is just her/him and a phone

What are the disadvantages?

Of course, the traditional way of doing photography is offering a more personal experience, in most occasion better quality images (all relative) and a more organic approach. Remote photography is not there to replace standard photograpy but rather to offer a different and complementary way to get images of yourself.

Ready for a session?

Contact me below or via Instagram to schedule a session. At the start of the session I'll take a couple of images and share with you so you understand the process, and if you are happy with it, we will start the official paid session. Looking forward to create with you!